Saturday, February 13, 2010

wow...finished another book

I finished My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult and it was a great book. A long one though...500 pages....but well worth the read. Today I watched the movie and was highly disappointed. The movie was not really close to the book especially the ending. I like the book much better.....if you haven't read it yet but saw the movie, be ready for a surprise and a shock! That is all I will say so I don't ruin either for anyone.

Last Saturday, I went to Atlanta for the Heirloom rubberstamp show with my friend, Norma. I had fun and enjoyed the make and takes and made some real cute things. Most of them were free....a couple were a $1 that went to a charity. I bought a feww things and saw some things I may purchase next I do online before then. I also became an enabler for my friend. I told her to go check out a demonstration at one booth and she was hooked....sorry Norma! LOL. It was a fun day and encouraged me to get my room done so I can organize my craft area in there.

Friday, we had snow! 3-4 inches. I know, those of you from the north are saying "is that all?". But don't forget, I live in the south...this much snow shuts us might as well have been 3-4 feet!!! LOL. They are saying more is coming on Monday. Hope not because this other melted already.

I am off Monday and I am bound and determined to have the couch in the bedroom cleaned off so it can be moved out of there next week. Then more space for me to organize the craft things.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Heading to church and sunday school then out to lunch with my valentine. We are going to Panera Bread because we have a gift card to use. I did not want to go out to dinner because I figured it would be crowded and too expensive. We have an anniversary coming in 2 weeks so we are probably going out then.

Well, good night all and Happy Valentine's Day!

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