Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Yesterday we went to Columbus to take care of some stuff. We stopped by this Christian bookstore, Sanctuary, after having lunch at Fuddruckers. I was looking around and came to a table with $4.99 books. I have always wanted to read a Beverly Lewis book. There were several of hers there so I picked out 2 of them. One was the first book in a series and the other wasn't. I started the Postcards book and am loving it. She writes fiction books and it circles around the Amish community. Beverly Lewis grew up in Lancaster, PA and that is where the books are based. I recognize the town names, etc as I have visited there quite often. I may spend the rest of the day since I don't feel well anyways laying in bed reading!!! If you want a good read, check her books out.

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Kriston said...

I love to read the Beverly Lewis books. I have many of them. I will let you borrow them sometime. Let me know when you are looking for one or more to borrow.