Friday, April 18, 2008

Updates, updates, updates

I noticed I have not been on in a while so I thought I would come update before I go to bed. Actually, there is not too much to update but a few things.

James got a new job. His other job was cutting hours. Also, his boss was harassing him and so it was not a nice work environment. He will be working with the security company at Jo-Ann's Fabrics. This company seems more professional and there are more options for advancement.

I am also looking for a job change. This weekend, I will be putting my application in at several school districts around here. I want to be on Thomas's schedule and have the summer off. This way, James can take a full time position with the new company. I would also be happier. I was off for 7 weeks and loved it. Thomas was off 1 week and I enjoyed being with him. I also like the idea of summer's off but still getting paid for it.

Not much else at this time. Sorry it is so short. I am tired and my bed is calling me.

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