Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hello out there!!!

I know, I know....everyone thinks I ran away!!!, I am still here but life has kept me busy. I wish I could post some pictures for you but I am using my hubby's computer because mine is not working at this moment. I tried to upload my program so I can put pictures from my digital camera to the computer but his won't let me. I will have to see if he can work on it.

What's new here? Well, we added the count in our house by 2. About 2-3 months ago, a family member was moving and needed to find a home for their 4 year old dog so we took her. Her name is Missy Filet Mignion(name she came with). She is a jack russell/rat terrier mix. She has papers because I guess this is a registered breed. She is a sweetheart and very calm for her breed. Then a little over a week ago, we got another cat by the name of Freckles(name she came with). It is a sad story on how we got her. I was reading the local paper, and on the front was an article about a lady(she did not put her name) who was dying of cancer and she had 32cats. In the article, her note said she did not have time to find homes for her 32 babies. So, she placed the cats in plastic bins....3 or 4 cats in each and all their medical information on top and cut a hole on top. She then took them to 5 different vet clinics and left them on the doorsteps. We went to our vets office to look at the 4 they had and came home with the new addition. She is very loving but she "talks" too much!!! LOL. I guess she has LOTS of stories to tell us!! She is 6 years old, spayed but not declawed. She has not clawed at our furniture yet so we will probably not have to get her declawed.

We already had a cat and dog before these 2 additions. The cat, Spikee, I got before I met my husband. She is 7 years old. The dog, Harold, we got 3 years ago from the Humane Society. He is a beagle and about 12 years old, we think. So now our house is full. When we have a bigger house and yard then we can think of getting another dog maybe.

I am working on my Christmas card designs and get them all ready so I can finish them up at my stamp club meeting in November. Hopefully, I will have the program working so I can post them when I am done.

I also have been working on ATC's and have gotten some beautiful ones back from the exchange I was just in. For those who don't know, ATC's are Artist Trading Cards. They are the size of baseball cards and are a small piece of beautiful artwork.

I also have been busy with Avon. Trying to get books out there and items I have here sold at clearance prices just in time for Christmas.

Well, I need to go work on some more boxes and working on making Christmas cards. Have a great day everyone.

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