Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just a thought

First off, I want to thank everyone who called me or e-mailed me while my husband was in the hospital. It showed me who my friends really are....the ones I can still rely on when hard times come.

I have had alot of disappointments this week and it is only Tuesday!! I won't go in to details but I have been disappointed by my husband, a friend, and life, in general. I need to figure what in my life is important to me...what should I weed out. This is a process I need to think about and pray about.

This past weekend I went to the arts and crafts thing at the Old Lowe's Building. It was small but this is its first time. They will ahve it in April and November again. I am planning on having a table at tthe April one. I am going to sell Avon, Gifts in a Jar and some things I can make quite easily. I will show pictures as I get things done.

I hope to get my camera's program loaded on my husband's computer so that I can post some more pics on here. I have some Christmas cards I made, the new cat and the new dog that have not been posted yet.

This is short and sweet but maybe next time I will have more to say. Thanks for reading.


Kriston said...

I have not been on my computer at the same times you have been on. I am praying that things will get better for you. If there is any other way I can help,let me know.

Stacy said...

So, Lynn, what's my problem that I haven't found your blog before? I mean, I can, like, click on your name on my comments! I am so totally computer challenged.
Anyway, thanks for posting the link on my blog -- I'm glad I've found you now and will del.icio.us you so I won't be stupid and lose you again.

I'm sorry your hubster has been in the hospital! Obviously I don't know the story, but I will be keeping y'all in my prayers.

And I just noticed you have at least one Newsboys song on your player. Good onya, mate!

Denise Clark said...

Sounds like you are having a rough time right now. Seems like it becomes that way for so many during the holiday season. I will be checking back. I'd love to see more of your creations!