Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter one an all!!

I hope everyone is having a good day! We got up early to go to a sunrise service at a friend's church, and then stayed for breakfast. It was nice. I think next week, we are going to go and try out the church. We are looking for a church at this point. My husband has been working weekends 3rd shift for about a year now so we haven't been going to church. Right now he has weekends off so this is nice.

April 24, I am having surgery on my right wrist for carpal tunnel. I will be off work for 2 weeks to recuperate then light duty for awhile. I won't be able to lift the kids for awhile I have been told. Actually, I am looking forward to a 2 week "vacation".

I have been busy working on several card and ATC exchanges so I can have them done by April 24. Yesterday, I got ALOT done at my friend's house and that idea has become a reality. When they are finished, I will scan them on here.

I hope all has a good and wonderful Easter.

Love you all!!

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