Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another picture

These are some new family pictures. One is of Missy, our new dog. We got her in the summer from a family member. She is quite a ham and thinks she is the princess of the house. But our cat lets her know she's not. After a rough first week or two between her and our other dog, they are now buddies. We see them laying together, kissing each other and playing.

The other picture is a recent snowfall about 2-3 weeks ago...a rare thing in the south. James and I took Thomas out there to experience. Needless to say, he was not too thrilled. Thomas will be 15 in May. Can you believe it!!! And look how tall he is!!

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Audrey Huffman said...

I can't blame your sson for not liking the snow. I live in AR and I don't like it here either...LOL.
Thanks for sharing. Audrey of