Monday, February 28, 2011

Book 4 and 5

Boy, I am late in posting. I finished 2 books. They are both by the same author. One is called Sadie in Waiting and the other one is Mom in Miami. It is a series book. They were quite enjoyable.

Tomorrow we are celebrating our anniversary. Our anniversary is Feb. 29. Yes, you read right? Leap Year day. We are running some errands and going to lunch...probably at Olive Garden. Then who knows what else. Tuesday, I go back to work after a looooong vacation.

I was off Thursday and Friday per doctor's orders with severe pink eye in both eyes. What a pain! They burned, itched, hurt and were swollen and blurry. James had a fever for a couple days so we were both at the doctor's on Thursday. We asked if we could get a "group rate". They just laughed.....they want their co-pays.

Booked my trip for NY and leave on March 26 for one week.....about a month from now. I hope there is no snow by then.

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