Sunday, July 13, 2008

This weekend......

has been a relaxing one, for the most part. I was off Friday and my friend and I went to the Scrapbook Expo in Atlanta. I did not buy too much. But, I got some stuff on clearance which was cool. It was also neat to see all the stuff out there. Then we came back to Columbus and I went to stamp club. After that, James picked me up and we went to dinner. Then we went to get Thomas at his grandma's house and headed home.

Saturday, I worked on the room and got alot of it done. I made so much progress that I am happy. In a little bit, I will be hheading in there to work a little bit more in 1 area then I will finish the other area where James's desk will be and we can move the desk over there. And, then move the lamp table by the couch and it will be usable. It will also get the computers out of the living room. And I will have my craft table clear and ready. Then all I have to do is finish organizing the craft closet and voila, you will see more cards I hope.

Then our next chore is cleaning up the back porch of stuff. Putting the Christmas tree and decorations in the closet. And finally emptying our storage so we can save some money per month.

And I want to have a yard sale to get rid of a few things taking up alot of space. And maybe make some extra money.

Then I may have to organize the Avon stuff again, too.

But right now I feel accomplished. Am I ready to go back to work tomorrow? Nope. I wishmy job was to stay at home and create. That would be a perfect job!! LOL

Have a great day!

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Kriston said...

I am glad that you had a nice relaxing,and rewarding week-end. I got my computer back for a week,as Jeremy has gone to South Carolina for a week. I may go and buy me a new one (they will cost more than this one)and have things I don't need-such as 3GB,and a built in webcam),however Jeremy has conficated this one and has many files saved to this one. Oh well it is only money right?!