Friday, July 4, 2008

Hello out there!

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY TO EVERYONE!!! I am not sure what you are doing today but I am doing stuff around the house. My work was closed today. We are not going anywhere or having a big cook-out. My husband worked last night and is working tonight so he is sleeping most of the day. Actually, he is working 7 nights will be a great check especially since he gets paid time and a half for the holiday plus he will have overtime, too!! I am going to start cooking in a while as I am making ribs for dinner. My recipe requires parboiling for an hour and then baking them for 3 hours. James made home-made barbecue sauce this morning before laying down. Oh, he also cooked us breakfast while I slept in. What a nice husband!

After breakfast, I started laundry. I also swept the floors and mopped(Swiffered) them because I had new rugs to put down. I bought bamboo rugs on World Market. They are 2'x3' and I got one of each color:brown, seafoam green and a reddish color. I put one by each door and then one in front of the china cabinet. James likes to take his shoes off there and just leave them. Thomas and I were always tripping over them or having to move them to get by. Instead of fighting it any longer, I put one of the rugs there and shoes must stay on that rug. It also gives a little color to our living room/dining room. Everything is a brown tone so this color breaks it up.

This afternoon, I will put Thomas in his room for quiet time and I will work on the extra room. By the end of this weekend, I want to have it straightened out enough so we can actually sit on the couch in there and watch TV and even get to the desk and craft table to work on stuff. And then maybe work on unpacking more craft stuff. That way I can start working on cards and stuff and be able to show more on here. I know that is what you all would like to see.

I am reading alot lately. I am hooked on these Beverly Lewis books. I just finished part 2 in the Abraham's Daughters series. I will start 3. I bought 1, 3, 5on sale. I paid full price for 2 and still have to get 4. Books a million had several of her books on special.

I hope also this weekend to do some cross-stitch. I want to get back into it. It is something I can do while watching TV like I used to do.

Well, have a great holiday and enjoy time with your family and I will try to update on Sunday.

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