Saturday, August 9, 2008

Where does the time go?

I can't believe I have not written in this blog in like 3 weeks. What have I been doing to keep soooo busy.

Well, 2 weeks ago, James was in the hospital. He had a relapse with his medicine and they had to get everything back in order. He is now back at work and his meds seem to be working.

Thomas went to stay with his grandma and aunt while James was in the hospital. Then he stayed last week, too. He came back Tuesday night then started school on Wednesday. He has made alot of improvements over the summer. What I am about to tell you, if you are the squeamish type, then skip over this part. Thomas, as most people know, is not potty trained at the age of 14. This summer an amazing thing happened, he has stayed dry most of the time and has been pooping in the potty on a pretty regular basis now. He has also let us know when he needed to potty. It is a start and a BIG improvement. He seems to enjoy being back at school.

Friday, I said goodbye to my class of kids. Monday they will all be in their new rooms. I will have 6 new kids that are 11 months old-15 months. I love this younger group. They are so much fun. No more biters at this point.

Today was my stamp club group's monthly meeting. Our program was a shoebox christmas card project. We each had to bring 2 cards to show and the supplies for them to make it. It was fun and we used some neat stamps. When I get a chance, I will upload them on here and post them for all to see. We also ahd a great lunch at my friend, N's house. She made ribs on the grill. Oh my gosh, they were the bomb!!!

Tomorrow I hope to finish up my swap project so I can mail them this week. Then I am not sure what else I will work on. I know I do need to fill out some school paperwork for Thomas.

It looks like I am getting a kitten probably in September. My friend, C, has 6 kittens....some are all black and some are black with white on the paws. Not sure which one I want yet. I need to look at pictures. James wants a male one and I don't care whether it is male or female. I lean towards female cats. If it is a girl, I was thinking of the name Delilah. And, a boy...Samson. But we will see when the time comes.

We went to the Pet Store at Tiger Town to see what animals the Humane Society had there for adoption. They only had 4 dogs. We saw a real cute one and are really thinking about adopting her. But I think we are going to wait. Who knows!

Well, I will close for now. Have a nice night everyone.

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Kriston said...

I had been checking your blog every two or three days. I know that you had been very busy. I also check your Twitter post also. I hope that is okay-please let me know if it is not.I have both sites on my Favorites list. Have you gotten a new battery for your phone yet? I can not wait until we go to lunch on the 23rd. Susan, Elaine,Dene and you have responded so far-all yes.