Sunday, July 19, 2009

My weekend

This weekend has been very interesting...I guess you can say that! LOL Usually on Saturdays, we try to do something with Thomas and as a family. Let me first explain that my husband likes to get in the car and just drive....sometimes for 2-3 hours!! It is a good thing we have a Garmin because it helps when he is "not sure" where he is at. So back to yesterday. We did a few things then around 1:30 headed out to lunch at Zaxby's(I love their salads) then went to get gas at Sam's. A mishap there: I went to step over gas line that was in the car's gas tank so I could get back in the car while James continued to get gas. My one leg went over, next one did not and I sort of twisted my ankle and almost fell to the ground. It is now swollen and painful....not just in the ankle but also lower leg. I will give it a few days and see what happens.

Then we start on our "road trip" and drove for 2 hours. We went to Tuskegee National Forest and drove around. That actually was nice. Didn't see any wildlife, though. And, we drove on some other roads then used the Garmin to find our way home. That was when the funs tarted: Garmin took us on these narrow, dirt roads and gravel roads and little bridges where you had to stay in ruts to go over....just to get to a main road...LOL. And went from dirt road to paved road to gravel road to dirt road, etc. etc. It actually was neat to see these type of roads still exist!!

Today, I am just taking it easy and trying to stay off the foot as it is sore. I am going to finish off my Thinking of You cards for an exchange and then work on some ATC's for an exchange. Hopefully, I will remember to post some pictures of all this.

Everyone have a great day and thanks for reading my blog.


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