Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just a quick note

This card is a faux metal card. I was not sure if I ever posted this one. This is one of my favorite techniques. I just used 4 layers of embossong powder, heating it in between. After the last layer, while the embossong powder is still hot, you just stamp your stamp in there. You do not have to ink it.

Another fun technique and I don't have a picture is to make a faux leather. You just buy a foam sheet whatever color you want. Pick out your stamp and ink it up so it is ready to use. Heat your foam with your heat gun then stamp the image. Basically it looks like it is set in the foam....almost like a technique.

Okay, now for some info from the home front. Life for me has been very trying or maybe I should say interesting. A little over a week ago, went to the doctor because I twisted my broken bones or fractures. I messed up tendons and ligaments. I had to have a cast that I could not get wet and a walking boot. But since we caught it early, I was out of all that in a little over a week. Last week went back to the hand doctor for my follow-up visit since surgery at the end of April. I have no more numbness and pain in my fingers but I am still having pain in my wrist especially when I move my wrist. He x-rayed my wrist and found a problem. My ulna bone is a little shorter than it should be and instead of being smooth on top, it is jagged. So, I guess every time I move my wrist, I am "stabbing" myself. So, I am in a removable cast(removed only for showers) for 2 lifting either. So, I am at work but I can't change diapers and lift the babies. Then when I go back, we will see from there. He talked about possible surgery which I won't be able to do until Nov. or Dec.

Thomas starts school on Monday. I need to finish laundry and get his bag packed for tomorrow. He hs been spending most of the summer with grandma....he would go there Tues.-Fri. then home on weekends. Life will now be back to normal.

James has been working alot of overtime because they are short-handed. That extra money will come in handy come vacation time.

Well, I better go work on the room. I am making progress but am sort of at a standstill until we have the bigger storage and can move alot of this big stuff out of here.

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