Friday, June 27, 2008

Weekend is finally here!!!

Whew!!! I thought it would never come. It has been a long week!!! I got a new assistant a few weeks ago. She has been okay. Anyways Tuesday, she called in sick and then has not shown up the rest of the week!! So, after 3 days of not showing up, she has been terminated. So, I am back to being by myself. Most days this week I have had 5 limit. For those who don't know, I work at a daycare with kids ages 14 months-22 months. I have 1 that bites, pinches, wrestles, and pushes the other kids. So when I have to change diapers, I have to put that child either sitting near me or in a high chair to protect all the others. I have 7 on roll but can have 5 by myself. Maybe soon they will hire someone that will actually stay and work!

Tomorrow morning, I am going to run errands....Pick up food at Angel Foods, Books-a-million. Then in the afternoon, I am going to work on organizing the craft closet. I need it organized so I can make Christmas cards and Christmas presents. Because, you know, it is 6 months until Christmas!!! LOL. Also, in September, my stamp club is coming to the house and I would like to have the stuff organized.

I also want to put clean clothes away off the dresser. And then I can put our decorative stuff on there. But at least the room is neat so I can actually leave the door open when people are there and not be embarassed.

Saturday night or Sunday, I will update what I did get done. Have a great weekend.

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