Sunday, January 2, 2011

Read first book for 2011

Just finished Book 1 for 2011. It is book 3 in a 5 part series by Donna Van Liere. The first book is The Christmas Shoes based on the song. I love the movie so thought I would read the books. I really liked Book 3 but I think that is because it has not been made into a movie so I had no pre-conceived ideas of what was happening. Looking forward to reading the last 2. Oh, the 3rd one is called Christmas Hope. You do have to read them in order because a couple main characters from Christmas Shoes are in the others. You really need the background. I am headed to the library to see if the last 2 have been checked in yet. If not, I am not sure what I will read. I gave my husband the book Fireproof for Christmas....I may just have to read that.

Have a wonderful day, folks!


Ldwhitney4 said...

Love your blog Lynn. It's like sitting down with you again. I love Beverly Lewis's books and Wanda Brunstetter. Willing to share any of my books. I look forward to your other posts.
Peace my friend!
Lisa Mayo-Whitney

Lynn said... glad you commented. Like to know that my blog is being read. There are some entries with several rubberstamping samples on them....lots of variety on here.