Saturday, June 21, 2008

Update, update

Today was my monthly stamp club. There were 3 of us there(we are a small group anyways). Each meeting, we work on a different technique. This one was watercoloring techniques using watercolor pencils, water and adding chalks for definition. My artwork is the one in the middle....the little boy in the sand. I really liked the look of this. I have never tried it before so it was fun to do. We met at my friend M's house. She made us a wonderful oriental lunch. It was soooo yummy and I over-ate. We also used chopsticks and that was fun. I really enjoy this monthly group of ladies.

I was off work Thursday and Friday and it was a nice little break. Thursday, the family went to Columbus. We had an appointment but also ran some errands. We went to A.C. Moore because they ae going out of business and so everything was 40% off. I bought some different stuff. I was thinking of going back around July 4th and see if things were marked down more and see what is left. They are officially closing July 6. I did not buy any stamps because my mom went to her A.C. Moore and a lot of stamps were $2 each and she bought a bunch for me. Thank you very much, Mom.

Friday, I went to the Orthopedic doctor. I have been having alot of knee pain. I was hoping it was not arthritis. Well, it is arthritis but also found out my knee cap is grinding on the bone. The only recourse is inflammatory medicines and/or cortisone shots. When those no longer work, and the pain is unbearable, then it will be time for knee replacement surgery. I did not want to hear that. I am going to hold off the surgery as long as I can....maybe 5 or more years, I hope.

I worked a little in the craft closet yesterday. I got the 2 shelves in place. Now I just have to get the stamp boxes re-organized and labeled so I know what is in which one. I have a few more boxes to get out of there then we will put the Christmas stuff in there. And then unpack other rubberstamping boxes and get everything organized. Then work in the craft/office so I can have my table to work at and we can actually sit on the couch in there and watch TV if we want.

I will be off Friday July 4th because the daycare will be closed. There will not be enough children there to stay open. Yeah!!! Then I am also off Friday July 11. I may be going to a scrapbook expo either the 11th or the 12th.

Well that is it for now. Have a great day!

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