Friday, June 6, 2008

What am I doing this weekend?

I know you are asking this Well, here is the list of what I would like to accomplish this weekend:
1. Laundry
2. empty dishwasher
3. watch DVR recorded episodes of Scrapbook Memories
4. set up craft closet so I can begin to unpack craft boxes
5. put clothes away on dresser
6. set moose collection on dresser
7. get several things ready to mail
8. clean out refrigerator
9. finish up some cards
10. post some cards
11. clean bathroom

Well, I think that covers it for this weekend. How much will I get done? As much as I can or feel like doing. Will I stress if I don't get everything done? I hope not.

I went to stamp club tonite and had a fun time. I enjoyed all the projects especially the make and take. I ordered some cool stamps.

We then went to Fuddruckers. I really like Fuddruckers normally but not tonite. I got a small order of chili fries and they tasted like the chili was burnt. I ate about 4 bites. James took it to the manager and he gave us our money back. But my milkshake was good.

At work: My assistant started on Tuesday and then she was off the rest of the week. She had a graduation to go to out of town. She is suppose to be back on Monday. YEAH!!!

Got some wonderful news: my car is totally paid off. YEAH!!! James's truck is very close to being paid off....probably about 2 or 3 more payments. Woo-Hoo. We have no credit card debt so we are just about debt free now. What a relief!

That's it for tonight. Heading to bed now.

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