Sunday, June 15, 2008

An update

First, here is my Father's Day card. The inside text reads "Dad: the man, the myth, the legend." I liked how it came out.

This week, there has not been much going on. Just work and then a few classes. I had a computer class on Tuesday. On Thursday, I had a stamping class. This week, I am off on Thursday and Friday. What will I do? Friday, I have doctor appt. I need to get my knee looked at. I am not sure what I will do on Thursday. Maybe go to Callaway Gardens depending if James has to work or feels like going. Otherwise I may go to Columbus on one of the days. I also would like to go to the movies to see Prince Caspian. Maybe I will even do some stamping. This week I will take pictures of the stuff I made in stamp class to post here.

Today, the retired list for Stampin' Up stamps came out. This year, there were only 3 on my wishlist that I really wanted. So, not too bad. Now I will decide which set I really want. I don't know if I will get all I really need all 3!!?? LOL.....probably....LOL. But, I have 2 stamp clubs before I can't order them anymore.

Unfortunately, not much else to say. I did see something in our work's newsletter that we get every 2 weeks that I am going to post in this blog. It is about how to get more out of your day. I thought it was good to remember. Sorry I don't have more to say.

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