Sunday, June 1, 2008

Not busy but very productive today

I have been very productive today. Let's see, I:

1. did the laundry

2. made 3 cards....Father's Day card for my dad, a birthday card and a challenge card for stamp group

3. swept the kitchen and entry way

4. made chicken and dumplings in the crockpot

5. gave Thomas a bath

6. went to Wal-mart EARLY this morning. Purchased a few groceries and Father's Day gifts

7. cleaned up the dishes

8. took pictures of cards

9. downloaded pictures onto computer from camera

I cannot show you the Father's Day card until after that day so I will do that then but I can show the other ones I made today.

The bear one is for a birthday card. The other one is a challenge for my Techno stamp group. Last meeting, we made "faux tiles" using shrink plastic(remember shrinky dinks?). So the challenge was to make a card using some of the tiles.
An interesting thing about all 3 cards I stamping was used. All I used was paper, stickers and rub-ons.
The chicken and dumplings were scrumptious. It was a good recipe and one I will make again. And the recipe is so easy....only 5 items and a crockpot. It takes a total of 6 hours to cook but it was well worth the wait. It even smelled so good. I was a little worried before adding the biscuits that the gravy part would be soupy but after adding the biscuits and letting it cook for another hour, the gravy was just right. The only bad comment was it tasted a little salty to me but that could also be because I don't really use salt anyways. I may try low sodium soups next time and see what happens.
While getting the stuff together to work on my cards, I found several ATC's(Artist Trading Cards) and other cards I made in the past. So, I took pics of them and am going to post them too.
Have a good evening.

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