Saturday, May 17, 2008

Feeling creative today!!!

I feel like being creative today. So, hopefully after the family leaves and things get a little quiet, I can create.....I can make some cards.....or skinny book pages.....or cut some more letters.....or something like that. Actually, I have some small stuff to do first then I can be creative!!! Anyone else feel creative? Once I am done with what I make, I will post it.

Today is a somewhat busy day. It is Thomas's 14th birthday!!! Can you believe it....14 years old!!! James's mom and sister are coming over sometime today. James is baking him a cake and bought him some candles. We got him a few things but did not go overboard because he has sooooo much stuff. Thomas is my stepson for those who don't know. He is severely autistic. He is more like a 3 year old in a 14 year's old body.

It is not even 8:00am and I am wide awake. Why can't I sleep in on a Saturday morning?? It is nice outside. I have the back porch door open and I am enjoying the cool breeze and the birds singing. Spikee, my cat, is also enjoying the porch, the breeze and the sounds. She loves that porch. She is an indoor cat so it is the closest she can come to the outdoors. There is a chipmunk that runs up and down the back fence and onto our roof and she goes nuts watching him. I think Mr. Chipmunk likes teasing her!!!!! LOL

Oh, I haven't put pictures on here of the dog and cat. I will have to do that sometime. Well, I need to go get a shower and make breakfast for Thomas and I and I have a couple quick errands to do.

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