Saturday, May 31, 2008 update is an update for the last week, a few other thoughts, what I want to accomplish this week and whatever else I think of while writing this. Will I babble on and on? Probably. Will you stay for the whole post? Don't know, that is up to you. Will that stop me from writing it? Nope! LOL

Today I went to the movies with my friend, C. We saw Sex and the City. I enjoyed the movie. I do want to own it when it comes out in video. I know you are reading this and if you know me, wondering why I went to the movie. Why, since I am a big Disney family and it is DEFINITELY not a Disney movie for kids! LOL. I like watching Sex and the City on TV. I watch the old episodes. I don't know why.....the show interests me and the characters interest me, too. So, if you want a movie to watch with your girlfriends, I suggest going to this movie.

I only had a 4 day week this week. That was nice because it was a hard week for me. My new assistant does not start until Tuesday. So all this past week I have been by myself in the classroom and of course I have been at my limit. For those that don't know, I have 13 month olds-21 month old. There is 7 on roll but I can have 5 by myself. If you have never worked with this age group, I can't explain what 5 of this age is like. I actually have 5 rough and tumble boys and 2 girls. Out of this group, I have 2 biters who also push, pinch and slap the other kids. I have 2 that whine all day. I have 5 with attitudes. So the mixture can be hard depending which kids are there that day. When I change diapers, I have to take the 2 biters and put 1 in the highchair and 1 sitting at my feet so I can protect all the other kids. But it looks like Monday will be a pretty easy day....3 out of the 7 will not be there because they are on vacation so that leaves 4 boys. 2 of them are only part-time....2 days a maybe they won't be there either. I also have an intern starting Monday and will be there for 2 weeks. So that is my week at work.

Tuesday, I took the Intermediate Excel and loved it. Luckily, she gave us a pamphlet at both classes that is easy to read and understand. Right now I am so proud of myself that I conquered using Excel/spreadsheets. I would try and try to figure it out on my own before and got so frustrated and felt stupid. But I am now so proud of myself and I know I can conquer this computer. This week I have Intro to Word, and next week, I have Intermediate Word. I use Word and probably did not need Intro but I am self-taught and I might have missed teaching myself something important.

On another note, I have been working on my own Mission Statement. One of the items is to only be involved in things that have my heart. Get rid of things that stress me out. So, I made a hard decision....I have decided not to sell Avon anymore. I will keep my account open and order stuff every few campaigns. I will do this for awhile in case I change my mind later and want to start it back up. I realize I will lose my Unit Leader status. And, I hope I don't have a certain friend get mad at me for making this decision. Friend, don't be mad or disappointed in me, please.

I also realize I need to get my office/craft room unpacked. I have been here for 3 months. We can't even use the TV in there or the space. I can't be creative because I can't find anything. So, my goal is to do 1 box a night for the next couple weeks. By, next weekend, the boxes will be done in the closet and I will spend that time setting the closet up and organizing all the craft stuff. I also want to do this so I can get everything together for a yard sale. I also need to shred alot of stuff but I need to find the shredder.

Okay, I have babbled on long enough. I plan to get the stuff together tonight and tomorrow so I can get Father's Day cards done tomorrow. I am also running to Wal-mart in the morning to get a couple things. I am making homemade chicken and dumplings in the crock-pot tomorrow for dinner. It is a new recipe I want to try. I will let you know how it was.

Thanks for staying with me through this long entry. Have a blessed day!

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