Monday, May 12, 2008

What did I do on Mother's Day?

Okay....I have had questions on what did I do for Mother's Day, so I am here to answer that. Basically, not too much. After a scrumptious breakfast, I cleaned up the dishes. Then I spent the rest of the day playing with my Cuttlebug and working on crafts and doing some organizing. I love my Cuttlebug. I was cutting a bunch of alphabets.....the alphabet belongs to my mom so I wanted to cut some before I had to give it back to her. Now I have a bag of cutouts for cards.

I also made a couple cards that I wanted to send out as RAK's to friends who need a little surprise in the mail. I hope they like them. I can't show pictures as I already put them in the envelope....and I can't tell where they are going because that would ruin the surprise.

My husband, James, basically slept all day because he worked all night and had to go to work last night, too so it was just Thomas and I which was fine. I am Thomas's mother not James's anyways!!!! LOL That is the way our weekends are now....Saturday, he sleeps from noon to 4:30 then gets up and gets ready to go to work at 6pm until 6am then sleeps all day Sunday and goes back to work at 6pm until 6am then sleeps most of the day Monday.

And, yes, I got gifts. I got 3 pairs of shorts, Alvin and the Chipmunks movie soundtrack and a craft magazine. My parents gave me a Hobby Lobby gift certificate. spree!!!!

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