Sunday, March 23, 2008

baby wipe technique

This is a baby wipe technique I did in a class I took. You can't see very well but behind the flower, is some light color. To do this, you take a baby wipe, put a few dots of dye ink refill. Then you go straight down your cardstock and it makes a streak of color. The more pressure you put, the darker the color. I prefer the lighter color. Everything in this card is Stampin' Up.
I really like Stampin' Up products especially their cardstock. But pretty much all my stamp pads are from them, too. I also have several stamps from Stamp Land....another company I like. I like to go to rubberstamp festivals because I can see all the new stuff. Around here, we just have Hobby Lobby, Michael's and A.C. Moore. Not much in a variety of stamps. The closest rubberstamp store is in Atlanta which my stamping group has made 2 trips to and I did buy a few things.
Ah....I wish I could win the lottery so I could buy all the supplies I It is always good to
Happy Easter to everyone. This is one of my favorite holidays. Not for the candy, decorated eggs or bunny but for the real reason we celebrate. It reminds me of what Jesus did for each one of us. So, may we each not forget his dying love for us.

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