Thursday, March 20, 2008


Hello all....

Welcome to my new blog! I decided to start a new one. Over time, there will be pictures of rubberstamping, cross-stitch, my new place, and whatever else I feel like posting. I am posting 1 picture now. This was a technique we did using Createx paint and the smoosh technique. I love doing the smoosh technique with all different products. You come out with a different background each time. The colors on this one look so good together. I have done it with other colors, too but I seem to go abck to the pinks, purples and light greens. I have also tried different papers. Each type of paper and color give different effects.

On another note, I head to the doctor's today to see about my foot. For those that don't know, I fractured my foot. I have been out of work for about 4 weeks now.

March 1 we moved to a new duplex. We now have a 3 bedroom so I have a craft room/office which I will share with James. It will also be used as a sort of den. There is a couch and TV in there, too. But the walk- in closet is a place I wil be able to organize my craft stuff. I am putting 2 shelves in there to help with that. Now I just need to get all unpacked.

Avon is going fine. Being out of work, I have not been able to pass out books at work. I have some people in our new neighborhood that want a book so I need to get those out.

James met some of the neighbors while walking Harold. They have get-togethers in the summer and invited us to come to one. He also found out that one of them scrapbooks and she wants to get together sometime to scrapbook. Sounds like fun!

I got word last night from my friend, C, that the kittens have been born. We will be getting one when they are ready. She said 2 are grey and 2 are black. I can't wait to see them and pick the one I want. Yes, we are getting one. The black one sounds intriguing. Now I have to pick a name. I have a funny one like Pergo. This is because we saw a commercial for pergo floor and the couple named their dog that because it was the one thing he could not ruin. And, I have a few others I like. In fact, I think I will get your opinion. When I decide which color kitty I get then I will post a poll for all of you to vote. LOL...commercial just came on for Pergo flooring and the dog....LOL

Next week is my birthday. My mom already bought me my present before she left in Feb. She bought me a cuttlebug which I love. I can't wait to play with it more. I like that it uses other dies like Sizzix in it. I will be experimenting with it. My husband is getting me a crop-a-dile and case.

Well, I better go unpack. I want to get my craft stuff organized so I can create cards and stuff. I also have to work on my skinny pages for our skinny book.

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Kriston said...

I enjoyed your new blog. I plan to visit this space often.