Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stamp a stack

Here is the picture of the cards I made Friday at stamp a stack. I am sorry the picture is not very good. The card on the right....the ballons one.....has the stripes. That is not scrapbook paper. We glued each strip. She put the paper in the shredder to gt the strips. We then used the Stampin' Up grid paper to line the stripes up. Very cool! I made 5 of each card.

Today, I had a massive headache so I did not do much. I did mount a few of the stamps I ahd sitting here. And, I watched some movies. Now I am cooking dinner for my son and I.

I am going to cut this short because my head is hurting. I will post later when I feel better. Have a good day!

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Claudia said...

how cool that you've posted the cards from Stamp-a-Stack. I am glad you were able to come! Since you didn't like how your picture turned out, I thought I'd post the link to the cards on my blog: