Thursday, March 27, 2008

sharing a picture I love

This picture is one that I love. It goes along with the book I am currently reading: A Shepherd's Look at Psalm 23". Just to see the tenderness in His face towards the sheep, makes me realize that He shows that same tenderness to us. What an awesome God we have!!
Well, today I am 1 year older. Do I feel 1 year older? No. I don't even feel my current age....I feel younger. I guess that is a good thing. So, what is in store for my special day. Not much. I have been watching TV and dozing this morning because I stayed up late last night. I am heading to take a shower. Then I think I will take a break from unpacking boxes and pull out what craft stuff I have found and just play with the stuff. And maybe put some Stampin' Up stamps together....if I find my scissors!!! LOL. I still haven't found any of my craft scissors. Oh, and have a little lunch. I say little because we are going to dinner at a restaurant called Provino's tonight. We like to go to Provino's on birthdays because the birthday person gets their meal free....can't beat that. It is an Italian restaurant. Italian is not my favorite but if its free, I'll eat it!!! LOL. I am getting my favorite there tonight...eggplant parmesan.....Mmmmm. A bunch of friends are coming along with my hubby and son so it will be fun.
Not much else to report so I am going to go shower and start my 12 noon!!!! LOL
Love you all and thanks for reading my little world!

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