Friday, March 21, 2008

work in progress

My blog is still a work in process. I added some more to the side. I don't have any current pics as I can't do any card-making right now until I unpack. LOL I hope to take some pictures of my cross-stitch works in progress and then hopefully pictures when I finish a project!!

Next week I will have some cards to show. Friday, I am going to a stamp a stack in Columbus. It is the day after my birthday so it is part of my present from James. Then the first Friday in April, I will be going to a stamp a stack in Auburn. So, at least I will get some cards done to have for people.

The picture I added to this is a masking tape technique. The first card I did to show my Techno group how to do it. The second card one of the members, M, did. I showed them how to do it then they made their own. This was her interpretation. I think it is so creative.

My Techno Group is a group of ladies that meet the second Saturday of every month to share the love of stamping. We show each other different techniques and other stuff. And, sometimes we just sit and chat and do nothing. We are very laid back. There are only 4 members right now and 2 of us live in Alabama and 2 in Georgia. I am the only one that lives in the Central time zone, I live so close to the Georgia border and right over the central time zone.

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Kriston said...

I have read your blog each day. I wish I had half of the creative talents that you possess.